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Why You Should Learn Driving from a Professional Driving School

Knowing how to drive is extremely important these days. As driving is a complex skill, it requires proper training. In order to undergo proper training, one should consider enrolling at a professional driving school to equip themselves with the right skills and knowledge. A professional driving school can:

1) Help you get acquainted with the basics of learning how to drive a car.

2) Help you master driving skills with the help of an organised course structure and expert trainers.

Above all, such a driving school helps ensure that you become a skilled, confident, and responsible driver. So, should you approach a family member or friend or opt for a good driving school to learn driving? Let us help you answer that.

1. Access to World-Class Driving Training

If you are wondering about how to learn about driving a car, then you should know that today, the best driving schools in the country employ world-class technology and training curriculums. Students get access to both theoretical and practical driving training at these schools. Take Maruti Suzuki Driving School for instance. Here, the training modules are designed as per government regulations and include both practical and theory sessions. Furthermore, you also get to practice on the simulator which helps you to learn all the controls of the car in a safe environment. This, in turn, makes you confident before you head out to drive on the road.

2. Learn What to Do in Different Conditions and Situations

Many people feel comfortable driving in different conditions. However, there may be some situations where they may not feel at ease. This is where joining a professional driving school proves to be helpful. You will get the guidance you need to improve upon specific skills so that you can feel comfortable driving in those particular situations as well. For instance, a driver can face different conditions when they drive. They may need to traverse a hilly area, navigate through rain or fog, or may face various other situations on the road. A professional driving school helps you prepare for that. The driving school also uses specifically designed simulators to offer students a virtual experience of driving a car in the safe environment of a classroom. You also get to experience difficult driving situations like fog, rain, night driving, and uphill terrain on these state-of-the-art simulators; this gives learners a first-hand experience of facing different types of driving conditions.

3. Master the Techniques and Practices of Safe Driving

A good driving school helps you transform into a safe and responsible driver. Along with different driving techniques, you are also taught about the necessary skills to drive safely. This helps you ensure safety for not only yourself and your vehicle but also for everybody else on the road. For example, when you learn about how to hold a steering wheel, you will also be taught how to change lanes responsibly while moving in traffic. In the same way, when you are being trained on how to shift gears, you will also get to learn how to brake safely.

4. You Can Choose a Course that Suits You

From beginners to experienced drivers who lack confidence or drivers who wish to brush up their skills and knowledge of road rules; every individual has different needs. That is why training at professional driving schools does not follow the one-size-fits-all approach. On the contrary, they have several training programs that cater to different kinds of drivers.

5. Learn about all the Latest Rules and Regulations

When you join a driving school for learning how to drive a car, you are also taught about the current rules and regulations of the roads and also if any new changes have been made to them. Take for instance the latest amendment to the Motor Vehicle Act, 1989 which has brought about significant changes. The key changes among these are: -

  • You can save your documents on mobile. Furthermore, you can store important documents like Registration Certificate (RC), Driving License (DL) and others on government apps like DigiLocker and mParivahan.
  • Those who violate traffic rules will be issued e-challans through the government's digital portal.
  • Every time a driver or a vehicle is inspected, the same would be updated on the portal.

Hence, when it comes to learning how to drive for beginners, joining a driving school ensures all-round training which can be very beneficial in the long run.

6. Build the Right Driving Habits

Another benefit of joining a driving school is that it helps build correct driving habits, which is something that cannot be guaranteed when learning from a friend or family member. The expert trainers at the best driving schools always keep a close watch on the way you are driving and correct any mistakes or habits that you may be developing while learning.

Apart from helping build the correct driving habits, the trainers at Maruti Suzuki Driving School receive the necessary soft skills training and therefore are able to teach the learners in a way that they understand the driving lessons thoroughly. They are both polite and courteous in their teaching manner.

At a professional driving school, you can learn how to drive a car and become a skilled and responsible driver with the help of meticulously designed courses and expert trainers. Make your learning experience, a fun and engaging one, and gain all the skills you need to drive better.

Keen on becoming a confident, safe and responsible driver? Find the right course for yourself at Maruti Suzuki Driving School and learn how to drive with confidence on the road.

Driving School – Why is it important?

Learning how to drive successfully is a daunting task, but an important one nonetheless. The responsibility that comes with it is immense. After all, when it comes to driving, it is not just about you, but the safety of others on the road as well.

Having a driving license is not enough. One needs professional training which one can get only at a driving school. How many of us can confidently claim that they can clear a test about traffic signs? The fact is, very few.

We go beyond teaching just the controls of the car. We believe in teaching our learners how to use those controls effortlessly. At the same time, we teach our learners to respect other drivers’ rights while also understanding the responsibilities of being a driver.



Maruti Suzuki Driving School provides a solid foundation required for safe driving practices. Professionally trained instructors make sure that learners receive all the requisite driving skills, in-depth understanding of the rules and habits that are needed for safety on the road. The tech-oriented approach with simulators, online learning modules, and modular courses ensure the best learning experience for learners.


Our professional driving instructors undergo specific motor training to teach driving, explain traffic signs, and warn learners about mistakes that drivers are likely to make. Learning how to drive from a professional instructor increases a learner’s chance of passing the theory as well as the on-road test, in order to earn a driving license.


Educating teenagers thoroughly in proper lessons of safety, traffic rules, and laws is imperative. For that, we give our trainers the necessary soft skill training to be polite & courteous. Our trainers ensure that they take the learners through the entire learning process carefully, step by step. This goes a long way in reducing the risk of accidents and fatalities


Getting one’s own driving license is a crucial step to adulthood for youngsters. If this is taken in the right spirit, the advantages outweigh the risks. A learner’s license comes with certain restrictions, but new drivers can certainly take responsibilities like drop-offs for family members. Keeping this in mind, all our instructors are focused to help young learners develop the ability and the attitude needed to drive safely. While being friendly and communicating effectively, they train each individual according to their comfort and temperament.


Overall, the comprehensive learning experience from a professional driving school will make one a driver who is equipped not only to drive, but also to face unexpected situations on the road. This reduces the risk of accidents and prepares one to help people who may be in such unfortunate events. Being able to do that will make one a better driver!

Presenting the Maruti Suzuki Driving School

With an aim to help India become good at driving, Maruti Suzuki India Limited introduced the Maruti Driving School in 2005. By offering a structured and contemporary driving skill program, the school has trained more than 1.3 million learners, turning them into confident and responsible drivers. Keeping up with the latest digital advancements, Maruti Suzuki has chosen to reintroduce the driving school with a new focus and with new values to ensure that the experience you get during the learning program is in line with modern trends.

Who we are

The Maruti Suzuki Driving School is not just about teaching people how to drive. It is about creating an experience fuelled by innovation, forward thinking, and a commitment to bring the very best of driving ethics and practices to the roads. Thanks to Maruti Suzuki Driving School, the country’s need for driving is slowly changing into a love for driving. Maruti Suzuki Driving School offers highly experienced trainers, best-in-class technology, and premium training modules to ensure that the learners get nothing but the best.

The Pillars that Define Our Vision

The brand values of Maruti Suzuki Driving School guide every function and interaction of the brand and showcase the consistently caring, reliable and welcoming personality of the brand.

  • Caring and Reliable: Taking forward Maruti Suzuki’s long-standing legacy, we will always assure that the customers can count on us, every time.
  • Expertise: This signifies the constant advancements made by Maruti Suzuki Driving School to cater to customer needs.
  • New Age Progressive Tech Enabled: As a brand, we are equipped with the technical know-how needed to deliver the best learning experience to all learners in terms of technology as well as design.

With a focus on bringing excitement in learning, Maruti Suzuki Driving School is going beyond traditional boundaries and transforming the way you learn to drive.



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